The Genuine Blogger Award

genuine-awardMichelle at Taking Snaps has nominated me for the Genuine Blogger Award. Depending on whether her technology is working or not, Michelle attempts to blog every day. She posts the photographs she has taken, as well as tells us a little about her day. I enjoy the “catch-up” I have with her when I reach the end of my day.

Googsy’s Photography has also honoured me with this award. A visit to this blog will not disappoint as it is alive with beautiful photographs which you can look at everyday.

In accepting this nomination I need to tell you 7 random facts about me – and then pass on the nomination to seven of my favourite bloggers.

Now for some random facts:

  1. At one time when I was growing up, we had eleven cats (yes, you read correctly) in our house. Included in the number was the grandmother cat, the mother cat, the sister cat, the father cat, and many kittens.
  2. I am not a fan of peanut butter – so don’t serve me a peanut butter sandwich for lunch! However when I was breastfeeding, I would crave peanut butter and syrup sandwiches! Guess my body knew what it needed to make rich milk.
  3. I learned to ride a bicycle when I was 13 years old. I have not ridden one for a while. I wonder if I would have to relearn the skill.
  4. If I could I would employ a cook, a housekeeper and a chauffeur.
  5. I yearn for the days when people would dress up to go out, to go to work, to socialize. Everyone seems to wear the same thing these days, no matter what time of the day it is: jeans, t-shirts and running shoes.
  6. My preferred colour for a car is fire engine red.
  7. Friday night after dinner, I put my feet up and watch tv. This is the night we also enjoy dessert.

And now for the seven bloggers to whom I pass this award. I have tried to choose bloggers who are new to my reading list in order to introduce you to new blogs. I hope you find one among this list whom you like:

  1. Sonel’s Photographic Corner
  2. Magsx2’s Blog
  3. The Blissful Adventurer
  4. Leanne Cole’s Blog
  5. craftcrazygran
  6. Sandra Connor… by the book
  7. 50 Year Project

Happy browsing 🙂

45 thoughts on “The Genuine Blogger Award

  1. Congratulations Colline and well deserved for sure hon! You are such an inspiring blogger and I so enjoy visiting you. Thank you as well for thinking of me. You are way too kind and it’s a pleasure knowing you sweetie. 🙂 As I already have this award I will add your name to it as well. Thanks again hon. It means a lot to me. 🙂
    *big hugs*


  2. Congrats! And as always…it’s deserved! Of course I look forward to checking out your mentions. Oh and by the way….can I apply for that cook/housekeeper/driver position?! 😉


  3. Congrats on the award. You are always so kind and supportive. If I could I would hire a nanny for me. And I hardly ever wear jeans. But don’t get me wrong, I hardly ever dress up either 🙂 Thanks for the nomination and for thinking of me.


  4. Hey, Colline, congratulations on being nominated for this award by TWO different bloggers! You do deserve it. You are so encouraging and uplifting, and I know it’s all genuine. Also, thank you for nominating me as well. Are there any other rules for accepting the award except to mention your blog, tell seven things about myself, and then pass it on? I’ve never been nominated for any awards before, so this is exciting for me. This is also an overloaded week for me, so I may not get to complying with all the rules until next week, but I will definitely do so.

    Thanks again. The Lord bless you and your blog even more.


    1. Thank you Sandra 🙂
      There is nothing more to do than is detailed in the post. And do the post when you have the time – there is no time limit to this. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of your week and God bless.


  5. Colline, first of all congrats!
    Thank You So Very Much! I am flattered you would think of me and find my work inspirational. I have my queue filled for the foreseeable future with our big trip to Italy coming so I hope you wont mind if I post about this down the road. I am grateful and honored you would choose me.
    All the best and thank you for being such a kind supporter.


    1. You post about this when you are ready. The important thing, I think, is that you know I appreciate what you are doing with your blog; and that I found a way to share it with others.
      I look forward to reading your posts on Italy 🙂


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