The Argentine Tango

Argentinian tango in the streets of San Telmo,...
Argentinian tango in the streets of San Telmo, Buenos Aires (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I love watching the Argentine Tango: I enjoy the sultriness of the dance, the strong movements, and the intensity of emotion that surrounds the dancers. It is an athletic dance that  is more varied than the Ballroom Tango that is danced in many competitions.

The first Argentine Tango was danced in the suburbs of Buenos Aires at the end of the 19th century.  A variety of styles have developed since then within different areas and time periods: some tango styles have even been recorded in Cuba and in Spain. It is a style of dance that continues to evolve even today.

There is no “basic step” in the Argentine Tango and this provocative dance relies on the improvisation of the dancers. There are, however, certain patterns of movement which can be learnt.

Watch how the professionals dance this sultry dance:

Watch my favourite movie scene featuring the Argentine Tango from the film Shall We Dance? The dancers are Jennifer Lopez and Richard Gere:

And I could not resist sharing this evocative video clip with you. Watch it, the dancing will encapture and astound you:

Having mastered the Ballroom Tango that is required for competing, it has always been my intention to one learn this style of Tango. All I need to do now is convince my husband to join me!

What do you think of the Argentine Tango?

39 thoughts on “The Argentine Tango

  1. You know, I was always told, have heard, and yes, Believe that dancing is a form of Foreplay!!

    It is very sensual, seductive, bewitching, and even erotic!

    There is so much Passion in dance!

    Thank you for this piece, and I Hope you can convince your Husband!! That way you can post YOUR VIDEO 😉

    God Love You ♥


  2. Absolutely divine Colline! I would just dance and dance all day long…. 🙂
    Lovely videos and post hon! Thanks for sharing. 🙂


    1. I love dancing too – it always puts in a happy and relaxed mood. And until I can go for socials again, I can enjoy the lovely dancing that others do.


    1. I love the leg movement too. It is controlled and yet so different from the standard Ballroom Tango. I watched a 1 1/2 hr show once in which they danced only the Argentine Tango – and I was not bored for even a minute.


  3. What do I think of the Argentine Tango? I think it absolutely epitomizes a sense of style, romance, drama, and sensuality which seems all but lost. It’s art of the body, the mind, and the soul. And I’m terribly, terribly, envious of you for knowing it! One day Colline…just you wait!! 😉
    Wonderful post!


    1. I do not know the Argentine Tango – yet – but I danced the standard ballroom one many times. It has always been my favourite ballroom dance. When danced with a partner who can feel the nuances of the music, the tango is really enjoyable to dance.


    1. I remember speaking to my grandmother and her telling me that there was a time when everyone knew how to dance. It is so sad that in our society today people do not know how to dance like this. It was a great way to socialise and get to know people. (That was one of the reasons why I loved it so much when I was dancing every weekend).


  4. Hi,
    I think it would be fun to learn the Tango, I love watching people do this dance, it certainly doesn’t look easy but it does look great. 🙂
    Fantastic videos.


    1. Many can learn the steps but the hardest is to dance from your thighs and to move in tandem with the music. I love this dance, it is really powerful.


  5. Love the tango. Your video were fantastic. I like watching Dancing With The Stars. especially when Tango night comes around. Thanks for sharing.



    1. Did you see the episode last week when Karina danced the Argentine Tango? I was blown away by her dancing. You do not really get to see what the pros an do when they are dancing with their star partners.


    2. Isn’t the choreography in Dancing with the Stars fantastic? I love the costumes and the way in which the pros try to make the dance both entertaining and unique.


  6. Colline, you know how I feel about the Argentine Tango! It is my favorite dance. There are many benefits to that style of tango, but nothing I can write about here, if you catch my drift. Just have your hubby go and within a few lessons, both you and he will know what I’m talking about!

    In Paris, I saw argentine tango dance couples by the Seine, alone and in the dark. Just the way you want to be – alone and in the dark. Holding the man you love in your arms and you in his arms in a sweet embrace moving rythmically to passionate music, your bodies as one, fluid movements, passion building…For women, this dance is the perfect prelude to….


    1. Sounds even more beautiful the way you describe it Darlene. Maybe what married couples that are struggling in their relationship need is Argentine Tango lessons and not therapy. And trust the French to know how to seduce their love.


  7. Wow… Tango is electrifying to watch, but tough to do. Excellent videos!

    On a side note, I see some of my friends here (Alex & Mags). Plus I noticed you have danced ballroom. Bravo … me too!


    1. I am a great fan of ballroom dancing and competed for a number of years. Now I look forward to the time when I can dance it socially again (once the children are a little older).
      I am not surprised you see some friends here. Alex is the one who introduced me to your blog 🙂


    1. No he hasn’t tangoed with me – though he has danced other dances with me. The rhythm of the Tango is a little different to the other dances and can take a while to learn. I am still hoping that one day we will have the chance to dance this together 🙂


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