Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

Many of you know that everyday I eat together with my family (as described in my post Our Family Table). No-one will be surprised, then, that I enjoy eating at a table when I visit family and friends. The meal may be an elaborate dinner or a simple breakfast; but it is not only a beautifully set table waiting for us that I enjoy the most. What I savour is the act of eating together; the sense of comradeship that exists between a group a people who enjoy one another’s company. I have spent many hours sitting around the table talking for hours on a variety of topics.

A table set for a simple breakfast together. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2012

Some tables are simply set; and others a little bit more elaborately.

A table setting for an informal family dinner. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2012

I often take the time to set a table with care; and appreciate it when my host does the same. It helps to set the atmosphere of the time we will spend together at the table; and helps to make the event a little special.

Do you enjoy setting tables? When do you take the time to set an elaborate table?

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48 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

  1. That is one of the things I love about eating out. Someone else does all the cooking and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy being whoever you are there with. Great idea for the challenge.


    1. Thanks Leanne – I tried to think of something that would be different to the obvious togetherness of people.
      And, like you, I love it when others do the cooking. And all the cleaning up afterwards 🙂


    1. Everyday we set our table – though not as elaborately as in the picture. Sitting down to eat at the table helps to centre us and give us time to spend together as a family.


    1. This particular table was set for me by a dear person in my family who had invited us to eat – on an outside table so that we could enjoy the warm summer air. 🙂


  2. My dear friend, Colline, your table puts mine to shame 🙂
    I remember a time when I would spend an entire day cooking, setting up for guests, paying attention to details. Between paid work, writing (unpaid, but a labour of love!), raising kids, household tasks, tablesetting just doen’t ever get on my to-do list. We all do collect at the table shove the previous meals crumbs aside and share the day’s experience..between comments – ‘do I have to eat more?’ ‘I don’t like this kale, how many more bites’!


    1. I cannot take credit for this particular table setting Darlene – it was one created for me when I came for a breakfast; and then a dinner on another day. My everyday table setting is a lot more simple 🙂


  3. Japanese people are the most brilliant in laying the table. They change cutlery and tableware with the seasons too, so it’s always an aesthetic experience to appreciate their dinner tables. Certain food eating in certain weather would go with certain tableware.

    I come from the Chinese background, we love food, but we are not keen on laying fabric on the table. Not sure why. Nicely laid table like yours is truly welcoming!


    1. I think laying fabric on the table is a European thing – and it is something that I grew up with. Changing the colours of the table cloth can change the whole look of the table.


    1. I agree – and as the children are getting older they really do help to keep the conversation flowing. Sometimes we get up from the table an hour after we have finished eating!


  4. WOW! I loved this table decorations… The colours, especially blue glasses and plates… I love table decorations dear Colline, especially breakfast and dinner. You did a great entry for new weekly sunday post. Thank you, with my love, nia


  5. Beatiful photos! I love setting a table; I host Sunday dinner once a month and it is always set, tablecloth and all. Makes for a welcoming feel for one’s guests…


        1. I have spent many evenings getting to know aquaintances better as well when debating on a range of issues. Great fun – especially when the stories come out 🙂


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