Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

We use our hands daily to do so much: to write, cook, brush our teeth, eat …. The list is endless. One of my children’s favourite ways in which to use their hands is to build with Lego.

Building with Lego. Β© Colline Kook-Chun, 2012

What do you enjoy using your hands for?

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47 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Hands

  1. Hi,
    A great photo. Lego has gone from generation to generation, is was a great invention, not many other things seem to hang around that long πŸ˜€


  2. What a gorgeous photo! Our kids always loved Legos. Colline, you really need to look into FLL (First Leg League http://www.firstlegoleague.org/). We coached two teams in Middle School and it is the best thing we have ever done and the most fun we have ever had. It’s not easy, but all of the kids from our team (several years later) how amazing their experience was. I would highly recommend it to anyone with kids who love legos. The intro pack you purchase is kinda pricey,but if you consider their education value, the tournaments and the fun…it’s really a deal. Any questions about it, feel free to email me.


  3. Wonderful and lovely photograph… hands are as you expressed, dear Colline…about your question, I think there is not only one reply for me, πŸ™‚ holding my love’s hand, and petting my cat, and knitting and painting and holding a book and writing, and busy with flowers/plant and finally cooking… πŸ™‚ Thanks and Love, nia


  4. Lego brings back such memories for me too…our kids loved them. And then there was stepping on a piece barefoot…..OUCH OUCH OUCH! I love to use my hands to plant flowers and tend them…and of course to hold my camera.


    1. Oh yes – little pieces of Lego everywhere – and the construction sites all over the room πŸ™‚ But definitely better to them watching tv all day!
      What a pleasure it must be to see all your flowers blossoming after all your tender-loving care.


  5. Lego is fun, but how’re we going to deal with all the pieces laying around? My son was not that keen on Lego, but recently, he starts enjoying it as he likes the Star War lego set!


    1. I do not step into their room when they are playing. And when they are done for the day, I instruct the children to put all the pieces to one side if they have not finished building. As a parent I just need to watch where I place my feet; as the child they need to make sure they play only within the play area I have outlined. After many years of Lego playing, I have yet to stand on a Lego piece πŸ™‚


  6. Using hands…to help others, write, fold laundry, tap in rythym when I’m impatient, to hold the delicate stem of my glass of chardonay, to knit and crochet, to guide wood through a circular saw to build a new pantry, to hold a book open so that I may read, to lift a fork to my mouth to eat, to pull socks onto my chilly feet, to move a brush through my hair….

    The list is endless.

    I watched a documentary about North Korea last night and one of the North Koreans who had been imprisoned in camps not unlike those in 1942 Poland, said that whenever he was beaten he would place both his hands in his armpits to protect them. He was a pianist whose crime had been playing a melody from a capitalistic country – something forbidden in communist North Korea. He said he was trying to preserve his hands for playing piano again when he got out of the camp.

    I was just thinking as I made this list, that without our hands, we’d be completely dependent on others to survive…unless we learned to use our feet like hands. I saw this once….maybe your next post can be about glorious feet! or feats…


    1. Even losing one hand would be a terrible handicap. We use them so often, don’t we, throughout the day. I am always amazed by those who are born without hands – or who lose them in some way – and are able to use their feet instead.


    1. Thank you. It took a long search to find a picture I had taken featuring hands. One thing about this challenge is that it is encouraging me to think out of the box when taking pictures πŸ™‚


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