Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

This year when we went on vacation, my family and I took an aeroplane to fly to our destination. We did not fly the biggest aircraft, but it was still bigger than the size of a man and his land vehicles.

Loading the luggage. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2012

As we always do, we sat waiting to board next to the large windows. I passed the time watching the small men on the ground loading our luggage . It was interesting to see them manoeuvre the vehicles so that they could load the cargo. The men were like an army of ants who seemed to have no direction; and yet in the end achieved their objective.

Front view of an aeroplane. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2012

We tried to figure out what this man was loading onto the plane – and came to the consensus that is was cargo of some sort. Whatever it was, it seemed very heavy. But he managed to load it with the help of the rollers on the platform.

Loading food onto the aeroplane. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2012

We watched, too, as they loaded our dinner and breakfast onto the plane. Even the container carrying our food looked big in comparison to the man loading it. My family and I enjoyed looking at the activity on the ground with our feet resting on our hand luggage while munching on a snack. We wondered where our luggage was, and what we were going to eat for dinner. And we looked forward to the end of the trip and to seeing our loved ones on the other side of the sliding doors.

Do you watch the planes when waiting at the airport?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2012

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41 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

  1. Wonderful post. It brought back memories of my recent trip to Phoenix to view the Grand Canyon. I also flew Delta with a top in Atlanta. I love watching the planes come in and take off. Your photos of the big plane are great.



    1. Thank you Francine. Watching the planes coming in or leaving can be exciting. I remember when my girls were younger how they would point and exclaim in delight every time they saw one leave the runway.


  2. One of my all time favorite things is watching planes. The loading and unloading. The taking off and landing. It fascinates me that these big creatures can fly. I was, also, lucky enough to visit a flight tower and that process is just as fascinating. Great photos! You were on a very big plane. 🙂


    1. Watching from a flight tower would have been an amazing experience. I think those people in the tower have quite an intricate job getting planes to land and depart without accident.


  3. Hey Colline, Where did you and your family go on vacation? Hope you had a great time and were able to find your luggage alright and found a good restaurant for dinner! Have a great week!


  4. Your photos remind me of a story that a woman told me, how she was going to be catching a plane and there were a man standing at the big windows taking photos, our governments propaganda has certainly worked on her, she thought he was a terrorist and went over to him and asked if he was allowed to take photos. She was telling me how she thought it was so wrong, I told her he was probably a plane spotter, or someone on holidays taking photos, it never occurred to her that he be something other than what her fears were telling her. I felt so sorry for the man.


    1. I feel sorry for her as well because she took an innocent thing and turned it into something dangerous. It is a sad world when people assume no-one has good intentions!


  5. I used to watch all the hub bub of loading the planes and such. Now that I fly more, I get more nervous. I’m not sure why, you would think it would get easier. so now I have a cocktail in the bar and try to relax.


  6. My wife and I use to fly on Delta from Los Angeles to Alanta then to Savannah. Now we just drive our motor home back and forth across the USA. We too would sit by those big and watch the going ons.


    1. Driving a motor home to and fro must also be a wonderful experience many more places to find where you can watch the world go by 🙂


      1. Your right when you get tired of this place, you can pull in the hose, dump the holding tanks and roll up the electric cord A-N-D just go somewhere else. We have been doing that for 15 years. Loved amost every bit of it. Change the scenery and meet new people.


  7. You did a great job with your photos… Delta is one of my fav airlines. 😉
    BTW< do you add your link to the DP pingback? Do so as I get the links I add to my blog from there… Take care! 🙂


      1. When you write a post, in the body of your post, if you add a line with a link to the Daily post page, it how up on the list as a pingback… You know, the numbered posts you see when you visit the DP page…? It looks something like this: This post was inspired by a prompt from WP Daily Post: Weekly Photo Challenge: BIG.
        That is what I have in my post and then it shows up on the DP as pingback #XX 🙂
        You can copy the code I added here, add your words to fit and then save it on your BIG post.


        1. Oops looks like you did this already. Anyway, thought you should know that the links that come from the DP page, (and that I added to my blog), are no follow links so they don’t divert/take your traffic away from your blog. 🙂 Take care!


  8. One of the pleasures of flying or meeting a plane in the ‘old’ Durban was the full and free view of the airport and all that was going on there. Now, in our wonderful modern age, one is lucky to catch a sight of an aircraft, and of course they freak out about cameras.
    Lovely reminder of how things should be.
    The picture has me boggled. It looks as though the hatch of the cargo hold is being held up by the base of the container, making it impossible for anything to get from one to the other. Is there a walkway above it, and another opening in the hull?


    1. The container was on some sort of contraption that sort of scissored up to offload. First time I had seen this done 🙂
      I remember too going to the “old” Johannesburg airport when I was a child to watch the aeroplanes for a Sunday treat. We were very upset when they blocked it off and we could no longer plane watch. Now we only get to see the activity when we fly – if we are lucky.


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