Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

One of the things I enjoy about children’s art and their creations, is that they are able to create something that is uniquely theirs even though they all are using the same materials.

Dreidel Paper Dolls. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2013
Dreidel Paper Dolls. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2013

Each time we do a craft in class, I am excited by the variety of creations that result. The children’s imagination is set free as they work on their activity.

Do you enjoy looking at children’s creations?

(This post was inspired by the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge. The prompt this week is Unique)

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013

48 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

      1. so true.. i will always treasure the day that one elementary class came into my art classroom and was totally out of control. they were probably second graders, and i boomed out, ‘ok everyone. sit down and draw a color wheel NOW!’
        they got still/quiet and began work, as mrs brunetti rarely raised her voice! when they finished, we started the class, and it wasn’t until later that i looked at their attempts.. since they’d never heard of a color wheel, their illustrations were priceless. the drawings are lost, but wow, they live on in my heart’s memory! z


        1. Thank you for sharing that precious memory with us. 🙂
          I find that Art is one of the best ways to settle down my class and get them motivated again to do that academic work that is such an integral part of the curriculum.


          1. you are so right, and exercising the right hemisphere is so important to helping students approach problems through a creative slant. it takes both hemispheres working together… i’m glad that your students have such a gifted teacher! z


  1. Dreidels, star of David, menorrahs….Hannukah celebrations.

    Beautiful photo of children’s art. I love children’s art.

    A haunting one hangs in my home to remind me that some children experience pain beyond words…. It is drawn by a Syrian girl, Lubna with flags of freedom fighters. I always wonder how she is now and did she make it to a refugee camp across the border.


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