Pat Benatar

Every now and then I listen to some music from my past. The songs of Pat Benatar remind me of my teen years; and the times when we would belt out her songs to the accompaniment of her music. How I loved the power of her songs, and the crescendos of the music. My favourite always was “We Belong”:

“Love is a battlefield” always came a close second.

I still enjoy listening to her music – though I do not play it now as much as I used to. I remember always feeling grateful that she never became the opera singer that she was trained to be. Instead she peppered my adolescence with songs that I still remember today.

Did you ever listen to Pat Benatar?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013

24 thoughts on “Pat Benatar

  1. Not as much as I used to. Love Is A Battlefield is definitely the #1 for me.

    Funny though when you take a look at the past. Remember the big hair days? I had to laugh when the group of women face down the guy in the dance bar. Reminiscent of Michael Jackson’s Thriller somehow. 🙂


  2. I use to like her. Then something happened that turned her and her music into a bad memory. Then I realized it wasn’t her fault. Then I liked her again.
    The end 😉


  3. Excellent choice Colline, reminds me of my younger days as well, although mine was mainly during the Vietnam war era. There was a carefree life back then and free love and stuff, although I missed out on the fee love bit when I was overseas.


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