Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

When taking pictures I sometimes change the way I take the shot in order to take the best picture. This is what I tried to do when taking a picture of the ingredients for one of my favourite stir-fried vegetables: bok choi with shitake mushrooms. (My recipe can be found here)

I did not see much of a difference when I took these pictures. However the difference is more noticeable when I look at some of the pictures I took at the 2011 Buskerfest in Toronto. The landscape shot showed more of the audience, while the portrait one showed more of the building in the background.

When I think of it, I change the orientation of the shot. Looking through my files I have decided, however, that I do not do this enough.

Do you change the orientation of your shots when you take a photo?

(This post was inspired by the weekly photo prompt at WordPress)

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013

51 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

    1. We saw quite a few jugglers and clowns (we watched those especially for the children). The best act that year was an Australian busker who did an act with swords and fire.


  1. Liked your pictures of the busker fest. I made me nostalgic. There is a busker festival in Halifax, Nova Scotia down on the city’s reclaimed waterfront. The last time I went, the prize for best busking went to two gentlemen preforming tricks on unicycles. I knew many of the performers (over the years) as I shared a house with very talented musicians, jugglers, and other such buskerish things.
    Often I take more than one picture, altering the angle or framing, but I’m not consciously thinking about the idea of One Shot, Two Ways. Interesting idea!


    1. We go and watch every year and are always amazed by what we see. I have noticed that they have moved the event for this year. I suspect it will be even bigger.


  2. I’m in the habit now of taking a few shots of something that catches my eye, Colline. So I SHOULD have something for this challenge, but I really haven’t thought yet. Happy in my Reader tonight. 🙂


    1. As I was looking through my photos, I realised that there were times when a change of orientation would have made an interesting photo. I will also now pay more attention 🙂


  3. These photos are so interesting by themselves. These are the ones that make the challenge worth hopping from one site to another to see our different takes on the theme.


  4. Since doing a photography course I am taking more photos of one thing in different ways. At the end I delete the ones that are not that good and keep a series of photos that follow each other.


  5. I really don’t change the orientation of my shots or do so very rarely. Seeing the comparison of your 2 photos, I can see that I should try it much more often. Thanks, Colline.


  6. Interesting how different people choose different shots of the bok choi as their favorite, isn’t it? My favorite is the first shot, actually. The composition is beautiful. But in terms of photo pics for recipes, I think the second one works better.


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