A Learning Journey

The last four weeks have been crazy for me:

  • Setting up a classroom;
  • Learning my way around a new school;
  • Trying to discover what it is that makes a successful senior kindergarten class in French Immersion;
  • Planning for my classes;
  • Meeting deadlines;
  • Helping my own children;
  • Doing housework;
  • Spending time with my family.

The list seems endless and there never seem to be enough hours in the day. I spend moments second-guessing myself: Am I doing things properly and in the right way? Have I done enough? My exhaustion drags me down. I feel tired. I cough. I lose my voice.

And yet it seems worth it when my students begin to ask “Puis-je allΓ© aux toilettes?”; when they respond “jaune” after I ask the colour of an object (in French); when a parent tells me their child is singing French songs at home; when my students know to go to “le tapis” after hanging up their coats. What a pleasure it is for me when a child counts up to 15 with no errors; or when hands go up to answer a question I have asked and the correct responses are given – all in French.

What begins to blossom in my heart is the sense of satisfaction I know will only grow during the year. It is the small moments of satisfaction and the pleasure I get at seeing a child achieve the learning goals of the class that encourages me to go on, day after day, week after week, until I find the best way to teach them.

For now I continue to search, to discover, to learn the ways in which I can engage my students in their learning. And I know that as I am learning I have a forgiving audience in my students as they learn with me at their side. We are all on a journey of learning; and all we can hope for is to learn to the best of our ability – and to take pleasure in the journey.

What learning journey are you on at the moment?

Β© Colline Kook-Chun, 2013


40 thoughts on “A Learning Journey

  1. Sounds like you were very busy indeed Colline and I don’t know how you keep up with it. I truly admire you for the lovely job you’re doing. Life is truly a learning experience, each and every moment of the day. I am still learning to be patient with myself and others. πŸ˜€
    Have a great weekend and get lots of rest. *big hugs*


    1. The business hasn’t quite stopped yet Sonel as I still have so much to do and learn. I am missing the blogging, however, and wanted to connect quickly with my blogging friends. The best would be when I am settled enough to do both πŸ™‚


  2. All your efforts have been rewarded by your pupils who listen and learn as well as by the positive feedback from their parents. I especially like your statement “What begins to blossom in my heart is the sense of satisfaction I know will only grow during the year.” You are doing a real good job. πŸ™‚


  3. Colline, you are an excellent teacher. Don’t ever doubt for a minute the value of your work as a teacher and the effect you are having on these little ones. Your exhaustion is testament to your commitment, drive and perseverance in providing the highest quality education any teacher can provide.

    I know how amazing you are with children and the excellent teaching methods you share with them will last a lifetime. Isn’t it wonderful when a child learns skills that will help them lifelong?

    Last evening was ‘meet the teacher’ night at my boy’s schools. We are blessed with having amazing teachers at the schools for our boys who are committed to helping them achieve their learning goals. We are very thankful to their teachers for their time, energy and commitment to teaching them. For one of our boys, it was a succession of amazingly committed teachers who only saw potential and refused to see otherwise that made all the difference and will continue to make all the difference for the rest of his life. To these teachers I have the utmost respect and I can’t say enough wonderful words of support for them.

    You are also this kind of teacher, Colline. Know that you are giving the most important first lessons to children in the character traits that will help them to be compassionate, kind and caring people who are able to not only reach their potential, but to reach for their dreams!


    1. Your words have really touched my heart Darlene as this is exactly the kind of teacher I wish to be: one who not only introduces the child to things and subjects, but one who helps them to discover the potential person they have inside of themselves.


  4. Sounds like your students are reflecting your skills as a teacher, congratulations. Lovely to read of your satisfaction in their small, incremental achievements. I agree with the comments about learning something new even when doing something we’ve learned before. That’s a great approach to life. Currently I’m learning about music (for my blog), teaching myself CSS coding at work, learning about myself from writing about my brother’s life, and figuring out how to help my son study for his final, end of high school exams. Thanks for another thought-provoking post.


    1. I find that we are always learning – for ourselves, and to help others. I could not imagine a world in which I were not learning something new, or trying to perfect a skill. It is what makes life interesting, don’t you agree?


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