Looking Out at Winter

The winter solstice begins on 21 December and this year we soon realised that Old Man Winter had arrived. To date there have been many mornings I have awoken, looked out my window, and seen the patterns that Jack Frost has left behind.

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014
Looking out at Winter. © Colline Kook-Chun, 2014

Looking through this window tells me how cold it is outside. I take the warning to heart and bundle up warmly when I step outside. Brrr! When I see these beautiful patterns on my window, I know that I am in for a cold experience outside.

What do you currently see out of your window?

(This post was inspired by the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge)

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014

47 thoughts on “Looking Out at Winter

  1. What beautiful patterns….he’s very artistic Jack Frost 🙂
    We actually had frost and ice today, one of the first times this year, but now night has fallen and it’s stars and moon twinkling from the deep blue ocean of night.


  2. This looks like a picture from a fairy tale! It still amazes me how every snowflake or frost have a different design.
    Blessings for 2014


    1. Even when we look at them when they fall on our jackets, we can see the different patterns. The children love discovering this – and, of course, creating their own snowflakes with paper 🙂


  3. WOW! What a winter… Wonderful photograph you captured dear Colline, stay in warm. In here there is not winter now… like a autumn or spring days… but this is not normal. What do I see from my window 🙂 cats and crows, and yes sometimes Robin if I catch them it would be a nice photograph… Thank you, have a nice and sunny day dear Colline, love, nia


  4. Wow. Those patterns look incredible. Actually they look a little like something else. Can you see what I’m thinking of? I’ll give you all a clue. Something found in nature, but not naturally available. I’ll give a second clue if needed…


  5. For me, that pic is a step into a winter wonderland.
    I am sitting here typing as the temperature is soaring above 44 degrees, too hot to breathe outside, the air conditioner is running non stop, we are forcasted another five days of this heatwave.
    Your pic nearly cooled me down.
    Ian aka Emu


  6. Outside my window – is the harsh light of a very hot day. The plants are toughing it out, waiting for a cool change. But despite the intensity of the day, I love summer!


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