Viva la Vida

I enjoy listening to the Coldplay version of Viva La Vida.  The haunting quality of the singer’s voice and the sound of the instruments playing in the background always makes for pleasant listening material.

I was surprised yesterday when my daughter told us during dinnertime that she had started to learn how to play this song in her Strings class. “Play this song on the violin?” I thought. She saw my look of puzzlement and said, “Where is the iPad mommy? I will show you.” (We often refer to the iPad during our dinner discussions to confirm statements in debates, or even share a video clip.)

Her search ended, my daughter set up the iPad for all of us to view David Garrett’s version of the song. The violin is the centre of the song and I immediately enjoyed this version.

My daughter cannot play the piece like this yet – but I will enjoy listening to her and her classmates at the school concert in June after they have practised for many hours.

Which version of Viva la Vida do you enjoy listening to?

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31 thoughts on “Viva la Vida

  1. This is so beautiful, and should be so exciting for you all, Good Luck for them dear Colline, I loved to be here with you with music, how beautiful… Thank you, love, nia


  2. Thank you very much, Colline. I know these videos :D, but I will give them another listen when I get back home. It is always fun to have you aboard.


  3. I never heard of this song, but look forward to checking it out – and his cool about the violin version your daughter will be doing – sounds like she is in a very cool music program – I like when they integrate current stuff.


  4. Dear Mrs. Kook-Chun,

    I enjoy following your blog since a while now, and would like to share there’s this wonderful cover of Viva la Vida from Scala – a Belgian girl choir.
    You can find the album version of the song on iTunes or by typing ‘Viva la Vida Downtown Abbey’ on Youtube.

    Kind regards


  5. I actually love this song more than The Scientist. 😀 I love it for the historical reference, such neat thing to be in a song. I enjoy hearing the violin only version, but I also love this song particularly for the drumming parts. Such a great songs so many versions are made from it, and the kids do love it.


  6. I really enjoy the Cold Play version, Colline, though I didn’t realize that Garret had also performed the song. Funny that he’s found his way to your blog. He has a concert coming up here and his ads are popping up all of the time. I can’t escape him! 🙂


    1. I had never heard of him before my daughter mentioned his music. I should really listen to more of his music – even though I do not see his face everywhere 🙂


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