I Belong

As I live my life, there have been times when I have felt I belonged – and times when I have not. I remember those days as a teenager when I felt awkward and did not always feel that sense of belonging. I felt out of place, felt that I was not good enough. As I have aged, though, I have realised that often my sense of belonging comes from within me and my own confidence.

I have found myself in situations where I ought not to have belonged: working in a school where I was the racial minority, spending time in a country where the people around me did not speak my home language, holding the status of immigrant in a land across the world from my country of birth. And yet in all these places I came to feel a sense of belonging. I learned to adapt, to accept, and to enjoy my new environment.

At the moment the most important sense of belonging that I feel is what I experience at home. The love and acceptance of my husband and family give me the strength and courage to reach for my goals and desires. I am able to move places of work and to think of doing new things because I know that they will support me in what I do. Each day I wake up, I feel secure. Each day I come home from work, I know that love will greet me. Each day I know that I belong.

5-minute-friday-1Do you feel that you belong?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014

(This post was inspired by the Five Minute Friday prompt: belong)


20 thoughts on “I Belong

  1. That’s very true. I don’t have that much concern of belongingness as much as my earlier days. I don’t feel the need to belong anymore. I just need to live the life I live, and not worry as much what others are doing. I don’t need to be in the majority.


  2. A sense of belonging is essential for our well being. It helps to build our self confidence and contributes so much to our self confidence and happiness in life. You are one of the very fortunate ones, Colline.


  3. I’ve moved many many times and lived in other countries. I think I feel a sense of belonging wherever I hang my hat. It’s staying too long that’s been the difficulty! Change calls!


  4. I think you’ve just defined “home”, Colline. It’s where one gets a sense of belonging. How fortunate to find that spot where a person “belongs.”


    1. One always feels good in your homeland – this is where you feel comfortable in your skin. Though you do learn to feel comfortable in the country of your choice.


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