Day 23: Look and You Will See

“Look and you will see”.

This expression has been especially true for me as I have adjusted to life in a big Canadian city. I have come to realize that if I look, I will see beauty among the grey skyscrapers of the inner city. I have come to know that if I look, I will see beauty in the ice-cold Canadian winter. I have come to understand that if I look closely enough, I will see and find that person who is willing to share time for a friendly chat.

Becoming aware of who and what is around me has helped me enjoy my experience here more than if I had closed myself within my apartment. Keeping my eyes open has made me aware of opportunities. Listening to others as they speak has led me to visiting places and even taking courses that have personally benefited me. Looking and seeing, being aware of my surroundings, has helped me to adjust to a life that is far different to what I imagined would experience when I was growing up.

photo (10)If you have missed any of my Migrating North posts, head on over here

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014

(This post was written for the FMF 31 day challenge hosted by Kate Motaung. Today’s prompt is: look)

12 thoughts on “Day 23: Look and You Will See

  1. such simple point – but there may be some deep psychoanalysis in this post – yes, I think so – and what a healthy positive outlook – and so true – look and see what is awesome around you – ❤ ❤ thanks for this – especially because we are missing Denver this week – there is a big game tonight and they have been on the news all week – also Fall in CO is just heavenly – but we are fine – really – and well, as we watch the game tonight – and have wings and burgers – I am going to look around and see the beauty here on the east coast…



    1. It is hard when you miss home – especially when you love the place so much. I wish you the best Yvette, and that you soon begin to enjoy the east coast. It takes time, but you do begin to see it 🙂

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      1. Oh I do enjoy it already -<3 and hope I did not come across with a pity party – and actually – I have lived in a few different States here in the US – and so displacement I know well,
        and I "do" see the beauty in this east coast – in the little things you mention – like appreciating the climate and city structure – but also – we are on the highway path between NY and FL – and so we have friends and family stop by on some of their trips – and well, that is beauty that just falls in your lap.
        have a nice day…


  2. That is so true Colline. Life is what we make of it. Some days are better than others, but in the end we do survive. 😀
    Have a beautiful day. ♥


  3. I’ve moved many times Colline sometimes not willingly either I have to say . Such an enormous change of lifestyle and feeling at home somewhere new is hard . I think you write so well about it all 🙂

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