Day 28: Awake

I waken each morning to the sounds of the city below: cars moving along the streets, the occasional human cry or bark of a dog, at times the cooing of pigeons on balconies. I lie in bed awhile and think of those who have spent moments with me in my life. Some I will see again while others I will not.

Often when I think of the past, I can’t quite believe those moments happened – especially as my life now is so different to what it was before. I think of the streets I used to walk to work in Johannesburg, the halls I danced in for competitions, the groups of students I taught in a converted factory space. I think of sitting on the steps of the Great Hall at the university I attended, and of the malls I used to shop at with my mom. These are moments I think of when I am alone: while walking to the supermarket or sitting on the sofa crocheting.

I often wake to the present and reflect on how much I have experienced in my life. The moments may not be newsworthy but they have helped to create the person that I am now.

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© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014

(This post was written for the FMF 31 day challenge hosted by Kate Motaung. Today’s prompt is: wake)



19 thoughts on “Day 28: Awake

  1. How many years ago was that Colline? I don’t know about you, but I won’t survive in Johannesburg for sure and let’s not talk about the crime. Some days I also think back to the ‘good old days’ where you could walk in the street at 10pm or go camping by the river without worrying about being robbed. Living in this quiet little place we do now, is much better than the city for sure. Unfortunately the city folks makes it impossible for us to go anywhere on weekends, but I don’t blame them looking for some peace and quiet. 😀


          1. I bet you do hon. I don’t know about the ‘basic friendliness’ so much as you know I love to be a loner, so there I can’t talk with. 😆


    1. I find that crocheting gives me the time to think of things that I have done, moments I have experienced, and things that I wish to do. I think that is part of why I enjoy doing it.


    1. Mostly I have regrets during mid-winter when it is extremely cold; and then when I think of family. Moving away has taken not only me, but also my children, away from those closet to us.

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  2. You have certainly seen and experienced a lot Colline.
    Experience and change is what shapes the direction of our life.
    But as you know too well, memorys will always follow you.
    May you always dwell in reflection of all that bought love into your life.


    1. I actually enjoy my memories and thinking of people who have shared my past- especially of those who no longer share this world with us. I believe it does us good to sometimes reflect on the good moments of the past.


  3. It’s so good to take a break from the rush of daily life and contemplate our world …too often we don’t. I also sometimes think of those who have gone – our memories mean they have not completely gone.


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