Migrating North: A Reflection

I did it! I wrote for 31 days on the same topic. I can’t quite believe I succeeded while working on the report cards for my class. What helped me complete the challenge?

The prompts given by Kate Motaung for the 31 days of FMF challenge did help to focus my writing and center each post on a particular aspect of the series. I printed these prompts and tucked them inside the cover for my iPad and, each time an opportunity arose, I took the chance to write: on the bus going to a workshop, while waiting for my children at the community center as they partook in their swimming lessons, the moments before supper time. My aim was to keep the posts short and to write within the five minute allotted time.

As I was writing the posts, I was conscious of the need not to repeat myself. I did not want the entries to be depressing – especially when I wrote of those years I experienced homesickness and depression. It was difficult to think of those years – but thinking of them helped me realise how far I have come. Most of the entries came easily to my fingertips once I started writing and, before I knew it, I was ready to work on the next. While waiting for my children I would write three or four posts at a time. What I did on the day of posting was to reread what I had written to make sure I was happy with it, and then hit the publish button.

My hope is that you, my readers, enjoyed reading the series as much as I enjoyed writing the posts. What are your thoughts on the Migrating North series?

photo (10)If you have missed any of my Migrating North posts, head on over here

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2014


48 thoughts on “Migrating North: A Reflection

  1. I loved your series! It gave a glimpse into your journey without feeling like a full memoir. I connected with parts of nearly every story, it was so engaging. Congrats on writing everyday! Such an accomplishment!!


    1. Thank you Annie – it certainly makes me think that I can do it again.
      I am pleased to know that you felt a connection with what I wrote and that you enjoyed the reading of it.


  2. Well I have to come back and catch up on some of the entries – but I LOVED this series of yours – the care you took for the reader kept me coming back -and your natural ease for writing well is a plus. What a nice little memoir keepsake you now have- what a cool challenge. 🙂
    and just curious – do you have a favorite entry? You know mine was the “we dared” one….


      1. yeah, funny how people criticize – and I am sure most mean well, but some people just do not “see” what we know to do…. and that is sometimes like a salmon going up stream in a way…. and it happens with other things too – not just moves… like did you ever hear someone say that if you have a dream – do not tell your close family and friends – because they will squash it – or a prophet is without honor in his hometown – I dunno – but sometimes people just do not “get it” and never will.. hmmm


  3. “I did it! I wrote for 31 days on the same topic…” = congratulations, Colline! It’s a great challenge to continue with perseverance! My aim is to draw a sketchbook for my grandchildren with at least 100 pages – I only have 15 till now,,,


  4. Enjoy them is an understatement, I have really really enjoyed them, they have been wonderful and I feel like I know you a lot more now. Thank you so much for opening up to us and sharing your experiences with us. I looked forward to each post. I am a little sad they will stop now. 😀


  5. Congrats on finishing. I can only imagine that it was difficult to remember some of the story. Moving and moving from everything isn’t easy, especially with a family. I admire your bravery for doing it and then sharing about it.


    1. You are right about remembering TB – especially the finer details. Added to which at that time my girls were toddlers and much of that period went by in a blur.


  6. i came upon your series in the middle of it, so i had the advantage of reading many of them at once, and found all of them engaging – thought-provoking at times, and heartwarming at other times. i thoroughly enjoyed it – even when you covered difficult topics. thank you so much for sharing. well done!


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