New Year Lanterns

Saturday was the start of the lunar New Year and, as per tradition, my family and I celebrated its beginning. This year we decided to go to the buffet at a local restaurant instead of cooking at home. The food is not totally authentic Chinese, but the atmosphere is fantastic.

We loved seeing the red lanterns that decorated the restaurant. They really give an air of festivity to the space.

The photos I took with my phone don’t quite show the richness of colour that had invaded the space, but they do give a sense of it. I enjoyed walking under the bright colours to choose the dishes that I wanted to taste.

The restaurant was extremely busy with the normal Saturday evening clientele as well as the families that were there to celebrate the start of the new lunar year.

My family an I had a wonderful time. We enjoyed the food and the conversation flowed easily. It was definitely a good start to the New Year.

Do you celebrate the beginning of the lunar year? If so, I wish you a wonderful Year of the Rat.

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2020

(This post is linked to Becky’s Square Challenge. In the spirit of the New Year, why not join in the challenge and share some square photos featuring light.)

8 thoughts on “New Year Lanterns

  1. It always catches me by surprise so I don’t think we’ve ever managed to have a Chinese meal at the New Year. I shall have to mark my calendar better for next year. (or find time to look at it! 🙂 )


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