Bullet Journal: March 2020

During the past week while on our schools are on spring break and we have been practicing social distancing, I have worked on getting my bullet journal up to date. Yesterday while writing in my journal entry for the day, I realised that I had not yet shared my March spreads in this space. I determined to rectify that oversight.

For March I decided to loosely follow the theme created by Amanda Rach Lee, a YouTuber that I follow. I say loosely as I used a different quote to what she chose as well as a different layout for my weekly and monthly spread. As I enjoy reading, I have chosen to write down each month a quote from one of the books I have enjoyed reading. This month, the quote is from Unblemished by Sara Ella, a Young Adult Fantasy novel.

I used the leaf theme Amanda Rach Lee came up with in my monthly spread. While keeping my spread simple, I adapted her idea to suit my requirements. I liked the way she incorporated the leaves into a mood tracker and thought I could create something similar. I used a mood tracker in February and enjoyed filling it in therefore thought I would work on one again this month.

I adjusted the weekly spread and used a format that I have enjoyed using in the past. The spread has been quick and easy for me to recreate each week in March so far. I am loving its simplicity as well as the colours that I used.

Because of the social distancing so many of us are adhering to, the days this week (and next week) are free of plans. I am using the space, though, to keep a record of what I am doing at home as well as my thoughts.

What theme are you using this month in your bullet journal?

Β© Colline Kook-Chun, 2020

(This post is linked toΒ The Escapist Colouring Club. You are welcome to join us and share some colouring work)


28 thoughts on “Bullet Journal: March 2020

  1. I’ve never kept a bullet journal but it looks very intersting. Your layout and colors are lovely and I think I may steal the quote to put on my kitchen message board for this month!


  2. Oooh! I love your journal ideas and coloring. I’m heading in that direction as I have been trying to write in my pandemic journal daily. But already I have missed days as I think I need to pull in more drawings and fewer words when I can’t express all that is going on. Thank you for sharing your pages!


  3. Love the theme! I follow Amanda Rach Lee too, she’s amazing. Love the idea of a monthly quote from something you’re reading at the moment, I might just integrate that in my Bullet Journal as well. Will definitely check back in here again for more inspo πŸ™‚


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