Weekend Coffee Share: One Week Done

If we were having coffee, we would be sharing a cuppa virtually. For the past week my family and I have been practising social distancing and have therefore cancelled all get-togethers with friends. The past week was March Break, a week off for schools in our province. Instead of following my usual routine of shopping, attending group fitness classes at noon, and spending time with a friend, I have spent the week at home minimising my contact with others.

If we were having coffee, I would admit that I do miss the opportunity of socialising with others and the lack of socialisation has sometimes led to moments of sadness. However, I am lucky that I live with people with whom I get on – and my daughter is always good at lifting a person’s spirits. I have spent the week reading (a lot!), working on my bullet journal, speaking to some family members in South Africa, cleaning, and catching up on Grey’s Anatomy. The days have flowed into one another with no distinction and each day I wake up reminding myself of what day it is.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that for the next two following weeks, schools all over the province will be closed in order to combat the virus and attempt to flatten the curve. I cannot say that I look forward to another two weeks of being housebound! I am prepared, however, and plan to work on some of the marking I brought home with me from school. Tomorrow I will check-in and see if our principal has any plans for online meetings. The next two months is usually the time period during which plans are made for the following academic school year. I foresee us doing some planning remotely.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you that the shelves at the supermarket are not as empty. There are a few reasons for this:

  • The shopping hours have been reduced giving the workers time to unpack the orders.
  • The managers have put up signs stating how many articles of the product a person is able to buy. This is especially relevant for toilet paper. Now if a shopper needs this product, it is available!
  • There is only so much food a person can stockpile!

Other rules have changed in the supermarket such as now it is mandatory to pay with a credit/debit card; re-usable shopping bags will not be packed by the workers; cleaning of self-serve kiosks after each use. It is interesting to note that no-one lingers any longer while doing their shopping. In my neighbourhood, the shopping mall is unusually quiet as the only business open is the grocery store.

If we were having coffee, I would encourage you to look after yourself during this time period. It is so important to think of our mental health as well as our physical health. Keep well and until next week.

What would you tell me if we were having coffee?

© Colline Kook-Chun, 2020

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23 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share: One Week Done

  1. Do everything you can to keep your mood up, it is so crucial. Interesting what you say that customers have to pay with credit/debit cards, that is the norm here. Very few stores accept cash anymore. That was one of the first big changes I noticed when I moved back fromt he US. Last week the older students (15+ years old) started with online classes, as their normal schools are close, all other schools have been open. I am planning on going to work tomorrow, and send my daughter to school, Unless our Statsminister is telling us different tonight at his speech. There have not been a speech held by our minister in charge like this since 2008. Everyone is wondering what he will tell us. Thank you fro the coffee! Stay safe my friend. ❤


    1. I think they are worried that the virus could be on the money – which has recently been changed to a different format so it cannot be copied (it is more like plastic now and cannot be ripped like paper).


  2. What a strange time, right? Here in Los Angeles, the notoriously clogged freeways are virtually empty, and while NO ONE walks in this town, people are getting out for fresh air in their neighborhoods at safe distances from each other and not panicking! That’s all we can do as the experts fight back to contain this pandemic! Stay safe!

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      1. I just shopped at Ralph’s, a large grocery store chain, and they have a great system where 25 shoppers at a time are in the store – one leaves so another then goes in. well stocked with almost everything, but tons of fresh fruit and vegetables, which is what I wanted…people calm and understanding of the “6 feet of space” rule as well!


        1. They have started implementing that here as well. Today a woman was over-reacting a bit:. she was flitting around as if the germs were everywhere – which they are but not all germs are the COVOId-19 virus. I regret that the media has created a slow burn panic among the populace.

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          1. That’s a great point…”slow burn panic” is a great way to state it. If people just did as told, utilize social distancing and wash their hands, the vast majority will be safe from this!


  3. If we were having coffee I would tell you what I noticed on my walk around my residence this morning, I would tell you about the piece of paper that was inserted in a hole in the wall, like a small defiant act of protest.

    Here in France you must carry an attestation (certified paper) with you if you leave home and on my walk that piece of paper I saw in the wall was a folded attestation (I didn’t touch it but could read some details) belonging to a woman called Isabelle born in May 1966. It was like a mini mystery, most intriguing. Will it still be there tomorrow I wonder?


      1. Because we are under total confinement and it is enforced, so while we are allowed to go to the supermarket or go for a walk within proximité of home and some can work, everyone must carry a piece of paper (that you print or write yourself) to show to the police if asked. And you get fined if you don’t have it. Self-isolation gets interpreted by people differently, this method, makes it very clear what is ok and what is not, I think it’s also because in France everything we do requires a piece of paper! They are experts in bureaucracy. But it’s amazing how it has worked, how people respect it compared to what is happening elsewhere where people don’t know what they can and can’t do.


        1. It is good to hear that people are respecting it. We don’t have lockdown here but people are respecting the social distancing that is being encouraged.
          Hope this ends soon for you.

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  4. Hi Colline. Yes, these certainly are surreal times.
    I work from home so I’m not getting any time off, but my son–his company had to shut down and lay everyone off. It is not known if they will be able to start up again any time soon so yesterday, he got his first experience with signing up for unemployment. It is nice that it exists but it is never nice to need it.

    Stay safe, in touch with others via which ever means appeal, enjoy all that reading time and focus on fun stuff – because it is fun.



    1. I think many people are now applying for EI – makes all those contributions worthwhile.
      Yesterday we watched a family movie together – and today? Maybe some baking.


  5. we are not yet under lockdowns but I think it will be as soon as they figure out the logistical nightmare especially with a country where 90% of the people are informally employed staying at home literally means starving.. but I see South Africa our neighbouring country is going into lock down so I guess will be picking lessons from there ..
    Staying calm is the mantra
    have an awesome week


    1. I think the entire world is going to go on lockdown for a while. Governments are going to have to step up as businesses are forced to close down and people lose their jobs. Hope all continues to be well with you.


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