My Writing

I have always enjoyed reading. I remember many childhood days lying outside under the trees, or on my bed, in the worlds created by the authors that I loved. My enjoyment of reading did not cease when I entered adulthood. Instead, my taste in books expanded as I read varied gendres and explored different writers.

I have always had a secret desire to write but have often been hampered by the advice to create outlines, themes and plots before the first word was even written. In 2012 I discovered the pleasure of blogging – and began writing each day. During my frequent forays into the blogosphere, I came across the writing of Kellie Elmore: a published poet who believes in free writing: a form of writing in which you allow the “pen” to write whatever comes to mind. While writing responses to her prompts, I came to the realisation that I am able to write – and that I love it!

Currently I write reponses to many prompts and the comments I receive are an encouragement to me. Now I need to dip my toes into writing a full length story and, with the encouragement of my readers ringing in my ears, I hope to complete my first one.


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