Inspiring Prompts

I often turn to the following people to inspire me for my blog posts. I pick up the challenge of some prompts every week; others I do when I have the time to craft the post. Join me and present your interpretation of the weekly theme.


Processed with RookieJoin me each week in a challenge that I have created myself: My Gratitude Project. Every Wednesday, I write a post and share photos on something that has made me grateful. Your contribution may be made any time of the week. Tag your posts with the words “gratitude”, “grateful”, “My Gratitude Project” and link up with the post I make every week. I look forward to reading about what makes you grateful.


wordpress photo challenge -2014Each week the folks at WordPress challenge us to show our photographs to fellow bloggers. A prompt is chosen by one of the photographers involved with the Weekly Photo Challenge. At times I am unable to participate – but most weekends I find myself posting my interpretation of the prompt. I enjoy participating in this challenge and looking at photo responses from all over the world.


Five-Minute-Friday-badgeEach Friday, Kate Motaung posts a Five Minute Friday prompt. The challenge for this creative writing exercise is to write for five minutes (with no editing and back-tracking) on the prompt of the week. At times sticking to the time limit is difficult but one soon learns to write concisely 🙂 


Thursday SpecialPaula hosts a non-challenge on her blog Lost in Translation called Thursday’s Special. She welcomes any topic each Thursday that you choose to highlight in your photographs. I do admit to bending the “rules” a little at times and posting some writing, or even music videos. All contributions are welcome, however, in the spirit of creativity and sharing.



Cee is a talented photographer who hosts a fun challenge every week. What I like is that she also gives you a heads up on what the topic is for the next few weeks so that if an opportunity comes along, you can photograph it. I enjoy looking at what others post for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – the photos are always so interesting


Paula's B&W Sunday

I never think of changing the setting on my camera and taking my photos in black and white. Paula’s challenge, however, has encouraged me to think differently. Each Sunday, Paula hosts her Black & White Sunday challenge and shares with us some stunning photos.


041514 sywbannerCee hosts another challenge titled Share your World in which she asks bloggers to respond to a set of questions. These questions encourage bloggers to share their past as well as a little about themselves.



Each Monday Jo posts a walk that she has taken and would love to share with her readers. With her I have gone on many interesting walks and visited many beautiful places. She invites readers to join her in sharing their walks any day of the week and these will be linked back to her  Monday Walk segment. Now all I have to do is remember to take my camera with me when I go out walking!


friday-fictioneers-badgeEach Wednesday Rochelle posts a photo prompt for her Friday Fictioneers writing challenge. The challenge is to write a story using a 100 words. Proofreading and editing is encouraged. Contributors are encouraged to read and comment on one another’s work.


Every Saturday, bloggers participate in Linda Hill’s writing prompt called Stream of Consciousness Saturday in which writers are encouraged to write a piece (poetry or prose) with no editing and minimal planning on what to write.


#writephotoOn Thursdays, Sue Vincent hosts #writephoto in which she offers a photo as a prompt for stories and poems of any length.


IMG_1345Every Sunday Helen at This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time hosts Song Lyric Sunday. She suggests a theme even though it is not necessary to follow it. For the challenge, bloggers are asked share a song as well as the lyrics. The aim of the challenge is to share beautiful music.



Inspire me Monday is hosted on the blog Create with Joy. Each Monday bloggers share their creativity in order to inspire others (this may include photos or any creative work). In addition, bloggers can share things that inspire them (these can be books, quotes, or anything else that is inspiring).


thechangingseasons challengeZimmerbitch hosts a challenge called The Changing Seasons.  Once a month (between the 7th – 15th), bloggers are to post 5 – 20 photos that represent the month. Version 2 of the challenge is to post a photo, a video, a painting, a drawing, a poem, or prose about the month. Participants are encouraged to post new material instead of work that has been posted before.


wpid-photo-20150808193522282Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is a weekly flash fiction challenge in which writers share a story of 100-175 words in response to a photo prompt. The stories should have a beginning, a middle and an end. A new prompt is provided every Tuesday.


French Friday is an event run by an Australian blogger who loves France and French culture.


Mundane Monday is an event hosted by PhoTrablogger. On Mondays the challenge is to photograph the mundane and show its beauty.


In Other WordsEvery Wednesday Patricia hosts In Other Words. She will post a quote and a word as a prompt. The challenge is to use the quote or the word to create a post: fiction, non-fiction, a poem, a commentary


wordswag_15073188796611453091488.pngEclectic Alli hosts a Weekend Coffee Share. Bloggers are encouraged to share their weekly events beginning with the phrase “If we were having coffee …”


Feel free to post in the comment section some of the prompts you use. I may even join you if the inspiration grabs me. 


25 thoughts on “Inspiring Prompts

  1. I like the idea of this page, Colline. Maybe I’ll think about doing something similar. Thanks for the idea. I usually try to take part in the “Friday Fictioneers” 100-Word story challenges and the “100-Word Challenge for Grown-Ups.” This last week I started connecting with “Velvet Verbosity,” which is also a 100-Word story challenge. These challenges make me really work to write more in less words, and that’s a great exercise. In fact, I try to get all of my creative writing students in my junior college classes to start a blog and take part in these kinds of challenges. It’s some of the best practice they can get. I also post challenges on my own site from time to time. I post prompts for stories of 100-500 words and for various kinds of poetry.

    Friday Fictioneers:
    100-Word Challenge for Grown-Ups:

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    1. I have read a few of your stories Sandra and enjoyed them. I will consider joining you for these prompts. If I add them to my page, I will know where to find them in order to participate.


    1. You are welcome to post a photo Paula. I write because I enjoy writing and I try to find a photo to match. There are others who post a photo. I love looking at both types of posts as they both highlight the things we can be grateful for in our lives.


  2. Hi C – thanks for sharing these – I have a page with misc. challenges too and I did not have some of the ones you have here – well now I do – as I added them – so thanks for that
    and aren’t challenges fun….?

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  3. This is great, Colline. What a useful list!

    You’re welcome to add #ForgivingFridays to this page, if you want to. It’s a weekly prompt to encourage people to forgive and let go — and write about it! There’s a lot of creativity in what bloggers can contribute, such as photos, quotes that inspire them, stories about their experiences or wins or struggles, poetry (a lot of that), and more. Forgiveness is such a key to making peace with ourselves, opening to compassion and kindness for others, and freeing up our energy to create more of what we want.

    OK I’ll stop now. 🙂 Lovely post, thank you for the resources.

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